10 Of The Most Fashionable Countries In The World

Suppose you’re walking down the street and you see someone dressed out of context from everyone else. Do you wonder where they got their fashion sense? Are you curious about where they shop for clothes? Perhaps they got their look partly from their imagination. Or, more likely, they were influenced by designers from locales where fashion is a part of the culture. Here are the cream of the crop.


Paris is arguably the premier fashion hub on planet Earth and is the birthplace of haute couture. Hello, Chanel! All eyes in fashion look toward Paris fashion week. Arles in the south of France was the home of Christian LaCroix, and Bordeaux has a surprising number of hip boutiques.


Milan is the premier fashion capital of Italy, hosting many of the high-end designer runway shows. Prada, Versace. Armani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana…the list goes on. Rome comes as a close second, with its plethora of luxury shopping, and the Spanish Steps can be a runway unto itself. Florence is the globe’s premier outlet of leather goods.


Barcelona is fast becoming a fashion contender, with its impressively chic and colorful street style. The neighborhood of La Rambla in city center is pedestrian-friendly, with the city’s best shopping and people-watching fashion opportunities.

United States

The Good ol’ U.S.A. covers a lot of ground fashion-wise, but the focus is on the cities of New York, L.A and Chicago. It’s no wonder that a good chunk of history’s most successful fashion designers are American. From Hollywood’s red carpet to New York City’s Bryant Park, America takes the cupcake for fashion. The cities of Seattle, Houston and Miami are also influential fashion centers.


Tokyo is the darling of evolving street style, and the Harajuku neighborhood is where anything goes. Japanese young people define the current streetwear trends that trickle across the globe and end up at your local Forever 21 shop.

Hong Kong

The city’s street style leaves its fingerprints around the world in the form of sportswear and casual elegance. There is even a Hong Kong fashion week, where a new breed of designers are making a global splash.

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

With its tax-free shopping, influx of investors and wealthy residents, it comes as no surprise that this relatively new playground is awash with sophisticated fashion goodness.

Great Britain

We simply cannot leave out the great fashion capital of London, baby! Elements of punk, avant-garde, and exquisite artistry coupled with the nation’s rich history give England a fashion sense like no other.


The breathtaking landscape and old-world architecture breathe life into a world of light, airy fabrics and comfortable ensembles. Indeed, Istanbul is one of the oldest fashion markets in the world.


Yes, South America’s fashion is climbing the ranks, with its Boho chic and maxi skirts in exotic colors. However, the country and its fashion capital, Sao Paulo, seem to lag behind the rest of the world somewhat. Still, it’s a place to go when you need that certain, south-of-the-equator influence.

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