These are 2018’s most popular fashion styles from around the world

Pinterest has analysed the top fashion pins from destinations all over the world to compile its Global Fashion Report, uncovering how shopping habits vary from country to country. From the US to France and the UK to Japan, find out which wardrobe pieces come out top.

US- smock dresses

Pin increase: +102%

With cool brands like Ganni offering affordable stylish smock dresses, they are gaining popularity.

US: block heels

Pin increase: +333%

The chunky heel continues to be a favourite over other styles such as stilettos or wedges.

Christian VierigGetty Images

Germany: Birkenstocks

Pin increase: +840%

The classic sandal is clearly very popular in Germany.

Germany: Maritime fashion

Pin increase: +212%

German Pinners are big fans of maritime fashion, also known as nautical fashion, spanning breton tops and sailor hats.

Christian VierigGetty Images

France: wrap dresses

Pin increase: +262%

French women currently love flattering wrap dresses, a style we’ve seen all over the fashion week front rows this year.

France: jumpsuits

Pin increase: +58%

Whether they’re smart or casual, jumpsuits have become a must-have for every style-lover in France.

Japan: wide-leg trousers

Pin increase: +60%

In Japan, people are embracing a relaxed silhouette, with wide-leg trousers taking precedence over more fitted styles.

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